THEME: Shipwrecked

Group assignments:

  • Your Group color and group name is already assigned before camp as a country participating in olympics;

  • On the first day of crafts, you will design a Group flag. All the materials will be provided. But, you need to have some creative ideas and your entire group must participate. (if you are a counselor for the two youngest groups please come up with some good ideas beforehand, since the youngest kids are usually very indecisive…lol)

  • Group beat/song/rhyme: you’ll need to create a beat/song/rhyme for your group. This should be a short, catchy tune. You can use clapping, stomping, beat-boxing, etc. If you have a drum, tambourine or another auxiliary instrument, bring it along!

  • Throughout the first 2 days you will be presenting in evening services, your group will have 2 minutes to present your name, flag, and beat. You will be judged for creativity and participation. This is a great opportunity to score lots of points for your group!


Point System

  • Arriving to each activity on time (includes: sports, group games, crafts, three meals
    excluding snacks, and morning exercise) (All group members must be present at each of the above activities, otherwise the group will not receive the full points (unless the child has an emergency of course such as a fall, accident, etc.)

  • Group participation (activity directors will give 2 sets of points - for arrival on time and for the actual participation)

  • Winning a camp game

  • Memorizing the key verse (3 medals depending on performance)

  • Additional points will be rewarded for group presentation

  • Additional points good deeds (depending on the person you are helping - this person will fill out a form and suggest points, however referee decides)

  • Chistyulya/Gryaznulya

  • Creatyulya


  • Devotional material, Bible

  • Rope- to use as a clothesline (tie it to trees outside your cabin)

  • Twin sheets (fitted), blankets, and pillow for yourself

  • Girls one piece only during swimming (shorts and tank top is an alternative)

  • Sun block

  • Insect repellant

  • Towels (for the pool & the shower)

  • Toiletries

  • Athletic shoes

  • Flip flops

  • Plenty of clothes

  • Props for your group time/devotional examples

  • Bring decorations for your dorm

  • Themed clothing

  • Hair dryer (younger groups bring multiple)

  • Bring one set of warm clothing

  • A Christ-like attitude!!!

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